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Clause 8: IP Fray's Legendary Publisher on What Will Happen with EU's SEP Regulation & AI’s Impact on Patent Law

Clause 8: IP Fray's Legendary Publisher on What Will Happen with EU's SEP Regulation & AI’s Impact on Patent Law

Florian Mueller joins Eli for the first episode of this season

Programming note

ICYMI: we’re excited to share a new season of the Clause 8 podcast! Starting today, we will be releasing a new episode on Tuesday, at 7am EST/4am PST, every two weeks. For now, we plan to share a Voice of IP update every Tuesday between episodes. If you have any thoughts about the previous week’s Clause 8 episode or anything else in the IP world, please email eli@VoiceOfIP.com.

Thanks again to Tradespace for making this season possible.

Show notes

On this episode of Clause 8, Florian Mueller shares his remarkable journey from leading a major fight against pro-software patent legislation in Europe to becoming one of the most influential voices in the IP world. For over a decade, his FOSS Patents blog became the go-to destination for anyone who wanted to follow developments related to standard-essential patents (SEPs). After a brief hiatus, Florian recently reemerged as the publisher of ip fray, which is quickly starting to play the role for all of IP that FOSS previously played for SEPs.

Drawing on his extensive background, Florian provides fascinating insights about what led to the European Union’s controversial SEP proposal, the potential outcomes, and the burgeoning influence of AI on patent law. He also shares the story of why and how Real Madrid came to him asking for help along the way.

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Key Topics

  • EU’s pending SEP proposal

    • How German court decisions and other alleged dynamics led to proposal

    • Problems with the proposal

    • How the rest of the process is likely to play out at the EU & related strategies

    • Why innovators are at a disadvantage in the debate

  • Shifting views of different tech companies regarding SEPs over time

  • Role of patent pools/platforms in the SEP battles

  • Impact of AI

Notable, Quotable

Advice for those worried about EU’s SEP proposal

"We need to all try to be balanced and need to be more receptive to the legitimate concerns made by defendants and implementers to ensure that the system stays strong and healthy.” - Florian Mueller

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