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Matteo Sabattini on Licensing Igniting Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

Matteo Sabattini on Licensing Igniting Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

Matteo Sabattini is well known in DC patent policy circles from his previous role as Director of IP Policy at Ericsson.  He now joins Eli from Italy to discuss his new role as President and Chief Licensing Officer of Convida, what he learned from his time in DC, keys to building a successful licensing program, why recent attempts to regulate licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs) are misguided, and much more!

Selected Timestamps

| 0:11:03 | How shifting value from devices to services & platforms impacts who should license patents |

| 0:17:46 | Licensing fueling further innovation |

| 0:18:56 | Successful licensing means getting to point where both sides are equally unhappy

| 0:19:20 | Importance of communicating the value of R&D for a successful licensing program |

| 0:21:17 | Feedback loop between licensing and prosecution departments is crucial |

| 0:25:41 | Why litigation is not always an indication of bad faith|

| 0:26:30 | Unwilling licensees posing a toll on innovation |

| 0:32:35 | Lessons learned from working at Sisvel |

| 0:34:38 | Avanci and others proving that markets are functioning efficiently because of industry-led, licensing solutions and that new government regulations aren’t necessary |

| 0:38:57 | IEEE's patent policy change sparking Matteo’s interest in policy|

| 0:40:44 | Taking on policy role at Ericsson at low point of America's patent system|

| 0:44:03 | Need for coalescing between different pro-patent interest groups |

| 0:48:14 | Impact of issuance and withdrawal of SEP policy statements in the US |

| 0:51:11 | European Commission's draft SEP proposals to supposedly help SMEs |

| 0:56:22 | Idea to actually help SMEs with licensing of SEPs instead of unworkable regulation |

Voice of IP
Clause 8
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