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Tim Pohlmann on Founding IPlytics & Hosting The SEP Couch

Tim Pohlmann on Founding IPlytics & Hosting The SEP Couch

Tim Pohlmann is the founder and CEO of IPlytics, which provides software analytics tools for standard essential patents (SEPs).  Tim is also one of the world’s leading economists that focuses on the subject of SEPs, and was recently commissioned by the EU Commission to provide empirical studies for their work regarding SEPs.

Tim’s podcast, The SEP Couch, features discussions with a very diverse group of industry leaders, prominent attorneys, academics, and policy makers on the subject of SEPs).

On this episode, Tim and Eli discuss:

  • The SEP Couch Podcast, including Eli’s favorite interviews with Carlos Olarte and Kirti Gupta

  • How, as an economist, Tim became interested in patents, and specifically SEPs

  • Founding IPlytics, the evolution of patent data, and keeping customers engaged

  • Advice for starting and growing a software company in the legal/patent space

  • Incentivizing through SEPs and the ideal system for innovation related to standards

  • Weighing transaction costs & role of actors purposefully increasing those costs

  • The limits of data and media simplification

  • Lobbying on SEPs issues

  • Lexis Nexis’ acquisition of IPlytics

Voice of IP
Clause 8
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